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What is this section for?
● Mikocom VIP provide early access to games purchased by 2DJGAME, or provided by members to 2DJGAME.

Why limit to VIP access?
● 2DJGAME is a community that aim to give Chinese users access to Japanese games.
   Japanese games were and still are too expensive and difficult to import.
   We have no intention to interfere with sales in the Japan market.

   As such, we purposely delay releases of games that are available in 2DJGAME but not publicly elsewhere.
   We believe that a delay of no less than 21 days from release date is reasonable for all parties to benefit.

   Mikocom VIP is primarily intended for users located outside Japan, that quick and inexpensive access to latest releases are not possible.

How to obtain VIP credit?
● You can obtain VIP credit by donation, purchase premium account, or by providing games to 2DJGAME/Mikocom.

When will these games be available publicly
Please read this guideline

Can I share games I downloaded from Mikocom VIP to friends or other people?
● Your VIP privilege may be revoked if your action of sharing with someone else resulted in a leak.

Can I rip CG from games I downloaded from Mikocom VIP?
● Our Team.Guishen already produce CG rips for these games. Please wait for our releases instead.

    近い放流予定 - 未来 7日間に流す予定するゲーム (Games to be released in the next 7 days)
    同人ゲーム (Doujin Games) | 低価格 (Low Cost Games) | 全価格 (Full Price Game)
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Announcement Announcement: Uploadable 閉鎖通告、リンク無効化します | Uploadable may be closing, links disabled. 提督 2015-11-15    
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