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All Comic Magazine is scanned by [Team.Comic ONE]
Quality: 2500px, No watermarks.

- To discourage re-uploading, for each Magazine, one chapter is unlocked automatically every few hours.
- After unlocking the last chapter, download links to the whole magazine will be provided soon
- If you are not interested in chapters, you are free to come back in a few days to download the whole magazine.
- 致华语用户,我们正在准备增加百度盘下载方式,请耐心等待,我们需要先优化发布流程。

[Notices to Users - Please follow the rules below]
- We prefer you not to re-upload our scans. We have covered all reasonable download methods and we do not need anyone to “assist” in distribution.
- If you really have to, please you must retain our credits [Scanned by Team.Comic ONE] at the very least.
- We intend to scan all magazines, so it is mutually benefitial if you follow the above rules, in exchange, you get a stable, high quality scan provider.
- No registration is required to download, however you are welcomed to register and comment.
- Thank you for downloading.

2014-07-07: New Priority access area opened.
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Announcement Announcement: Uploadable 閉鎖通告、リンク無効化します | Uploadable may be closing, links disabled. 提督 2015-11-15    
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